Australian Lutheran World Service Presentations at Good Shepherd

ALWS Year 6 Monday 5 June

We are incredibly grateful to Celia Fielke from Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) for visiting Good Shepherd in Week 8 of Term 2. Her presentations to Year 6, 9 and 10 students on Monday 5 June were fantastic. Topics included; Poverty, Why are there poor people in the world, Social justice and What am I here for?

Thank you so much Celia for a wonderful first day. We hope you enjoy another day at the Middle / Senior on Tuesday 6 June.

Celia will be at the Howard Springs Junior School on Wednesday 8 June, Leanyer Campus on Thursday 9 and Palmerston Campus on Friday 10 June. Please ask your children about the presentations and what they learnt and enjoyed. We will be fundraising for ALWS later in the year; we acknowledge the incredible work they do both in Australia and abroad.

Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) - an agency of the Lutheran Church of Australia

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