Experiential Learning in the Arts

Year 8 Browns Mart

Year 8 Creative Industries students visited Browns Mart Theatre to explore how technology has changed a working theatre. Venue manager, Angus Robson, gave a charismatic tour of the iconic Darwin Theatre and shared his passion for lighting design with students, sparking them to ask questions like how has technology changed the theatre experience for audiences since the 19th century? How can you make patterns with a moving LED light to engage an audience and how might I get into sound or light design or even Stage Management as a job?

Students experienced aspects of the theatre like front of house, green rooms, backstage organisational spaces and of course the Bio Box that houses lighting and sound operations. Angus started out at Browns Mart Theatre as a follow spot operator and commented that our students' tour, and their high calibre of questions was “an inspiring way to start his day”. Well done everyone, and teacher, Mrs Holland.