Middle/Senior Music Program Registrations Now Open!

Unlock your musical potential in the GSLC Middle/Senior School in 2024!

The GSLC Middle School and Senior School Music programs are starting in Week 2 of Term 1. We’re thrilled to be offering a diverse range of ensembles tailored to every stage in each student's musical journey.

Our Music programs are free!

At GSLC, we believe in making music accessible to all. Enjoy our music programs without any cost and experience the joy of creating and performing music with your peers.

Join one (or more!) of our fantastic ensembles

Stage Band
Monday 2:35pm - 4:00pm

For students with a year of instrumental experience, Stage Band is the perfect platform to showcase and enhance your skills. 

Concert Band
Thursday lunchtime

For all emerging instrumentalists! Whether you're a Year 7 classroom program graduate or just starting out on your musical journey, Concert Band is designed just for you. 

Middle School Choir
Tuesday lunchtime
Open to students in Years 6-8, our Middle School Choir provides a friendly space for vocal expression – no previous singing experience necessary.

Senior Vocal Ensemble
Wednesday lunchtime
Elevate your vocal skills with our Senior Vocal Ensemble. Wednesdays at lunchtime are dedicated to extending singers with vocal harmonies and ensemble skills.

String Ensemble
Tuesday lunchtime
Beginners and advanced students alike, don't miss our String Ensemble with our specialist string tutor. 

To ensure a thriving musical community, commitment is expected on a semester basis, with weekly attendance being compulsory. Reliability is encouraged through the recognition of college merits and occasional treats, fostering a culture of dedication and camaraderie.

Every ensemble will have the exciting opportunity to showcase their talents not only within the college but also in the wider community. For further details and enquiries, please reach out to Mrs. Laura Llewellyn, College Music Coordinator, at laura.llewellyn@ntschools.net

Registration details will be sent directly to families via TASS Parent Lounge.