Palmerston Year 3s Share Their Space and Technology Learning

The Year 3s at our Palmerston Campus have had a wonderful time learning all about space and how technology expands our ability to explore the universe.

Over the course of the term they have explored three lines of enquiry: Earth's place in the solar system; unique features of the universe; and how knowledge gained from space exploration and technology impacts our lives.

The students recently had the opportunity to share what they have learnt with their parents, carers and peers. They showed off their engineering projects which required students to consider the function of rovers, spaceships, space stations and space colonies and design their own. They also shared their homework projects which included models, PowerPoint presentations, posters and interactive constellation cups.

To round out their learning the Year 3s then conducted a mini lesson with their Transition buddies, teaching them the order of the planets. By the end of the lesson, each Transition student had made their very own planet chart.

Year 3 teacher Miss Tolhurst and the Palmerston Campus team have done an incredible job facilitating such an engaging and collaborative learning environment. Great work by both our GSLC staff and Year 3s!